Registered NDIS Provider and Support Worker in Keon Park

Everyone deserves to live independent and fulfilling lives. This applies to people with disabilities as well. With the right support, they too, can learn to overcome obstacles and live life to the fullest. An NDIS provider can help such individuals create plans centredaround their needs. Marika Care is a trusted NDIS support services provider in Keon Park that provides specialised care to all participants. We have an experienced team that takes care of your requirements and medical needs.

As an NDIS registered provider, we offer comprehensive support to help with your NDIS-related needs. From creating unique plans to identifying your needs and helping you achieve your goals, we will be right by your side. Our assistance makes all the difference and gives your primary carers or family much-needed relief and peace of mind.

Our Reliable NDIS Support Services

We provide a wide range of NDIS support services to our clients. Each support is designed to improve their lives and build self-confidence. Furthermore, we also ensure that each support fits the participant’s goals and improves their quality of life. Our supports include:

  • Life Skill Development: Equipping individuals with essential life skills to enhance self-sufficiency.

  • Group/Centre Activities: Organising activities that encourage social interaction and skill development.

  • Daily Tasks and Shared Living: Support with daily chores, household management, and shared living arrangements.

  • NDIS Transport Services: Facilitating mobility and transportation needs for greater independence.

  • Personal Activities Assistance

  • NDIS Household Tasks: Assistance with daily household chores and maintaining a comfortable living space.

  • Personal Care: Assisting with daily grooming and personal care routines.

  • NDIS Community Participation: Engagement in community activities to promote social connections and inclusion.

  • NDIS Plan Application Assistance: Guidance and support in applying for an NDIS plan and preparing for planning meetings.

Benefits of Choosing Our NDIS Personal Care

NDIS Personal Care is a unique support that assists participants with daily personal activities. Most people with disabilities have restricted mobility or motor function. This affects their ability to perform crucial activities that have a direct bearing on their health and living conditions. Personal care is meant to offset this limitation and allow participants to receive the assistance they require. At Marika Care, we provide the following personal care support: