Your Trusted NDIS Registered Provider in Wollert

Marika Care is a reputed NDIS services provider in Wollert. We are one of the best support providers delivering compassionate care and attention to our participants. As an NDIS registered provider, we provide individuals with disabilities the proper care and assistance to live dignified lives. We believe that every individual should experience life to the fullest and our services are similarly aligned.

Our team of NDIS support workers are trained to help NDIS participants overcome their disabilities. They are also qualified to provide specialised care to individuals with unique health needs. With their support, participants can learn important life skills, explore various opportunities and even participate in various events. This ensures an all-round development that improves quality of life and promotes independence.

What Are the NDIS Services We Offer at Marika Care?

NDIS support services are meant to help participants with various challenges or tasks. We provide a comprehensive range of support services depending on the unique requirements of each client. As a trusted NDIS provider, we can help you or your loved one with any one of the following:

  • Daily Tasks and Shared Living

    This includes assistance with various tasks associated with living independently. We can provide direct help or supervision of tasks to improve the participant’s self-sufficiency.

  • NDIS Transport Services

    Even people with disabilities need to travel for various appointments or events. In such cases, our team helps with transport and travel, depending on the requirements and NDIS plan of the individual.

  • Personal Care

    NDIS Personal Care goes further than simply assisting with hygiene and health. It also includes other activities that have a bearing on the mental well-being and health of the participant. These cover but are not limited to grooming, bathing, dressing, toileting, etc.

  • NDIS Community Participation

    We also help NDIS participants take part in various community events. These present excellent opportunities for individuals with disabilities to pursue their goals and be part of a larger community.

  • Life Skill Development

    Part of helping our NDIS clients live better lives involves skill development. Our team helps them get better at skills that impact quality of life and foster independence.

  • Group/Centre Activities

    NDIS participants can also experience group activities in a safe environment with this support. They can be a part of a group with similar interests or hobbies, exploring their goals and developing new relationships.

  • NDIS Household Tasks

    There are various household tasks that need to be taken care of daily. NDIS participants can find it difficult to accomplish these tasks due to various disabilities. We help participants manage various household chores to promote independence and a safe living environment.

Experience NDIS Daily Tasks/Shared Living in Wollert

Marika Care provides NDIS Daily Tasks and Shared Living for all NDIS participants in Wollert. Depending on the level of assistance required, participants receive a personalised support plan. This support is designed to take care of most daily activities and tasks.

Daily Tasks/Shared Living NDIS support provides hands-on assistance with various activities. Depending on what the participant needs help with, Daily Tasks and Shared Living can help with the following: